Cricket Trauma! – A Case Study!

Our patient was playing cricket without a mouth guard or face guard /shield when
he was hit directly in the mouth by a cricket ball. The force of the blow resulted in 4 upper
front teeth being broken off at the gum level as well as 4 lower bottom teeth being chipped.
Cricket Trauma! – A Case Study
Illustrating The Benefits Of Cone
Beam CT Technology & Computer
Guided Dental Implant Treatment.
Images A/B illustrate the trauma experienced by
patient. On the day of trauma, patient had a 3D
CBCT Scan. Since the 3D CBCT Scanner is in-house,
the planning & fabrication of the surgical guide was
done on the same day. The broken teeth were then
removed, immediate computer guided implants were
placed, and temporary crowns made. All aspects of
treatment were completed in-house and saved the
patient a lot of time and expense and resulted in
him being able to get back to his normal activities as
quickly as possible, in fact, the very next day!.

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