Hiba Shamshad Becoming A Flag-bearer For Canadian Women’s Cricket!

Born in the United Arab Emirates City of Dubai,
Hiba Shamshad started playing street cricket
with her siblings just for fun, when she was
merely 5-6 years old. Although her professional
career as a Women’s cricketer in Canada didn’t start
until Hiba reached the age of 23, her interest in the
sport had never waned.
Coming from a Pakistani family, cricket was loved
by everyone in Hiba’s family including herself. Hiba’s
mom and dad were always very supportive of any
sports she played as a young girl. It was in fact that
foundational support that later motivated Hiba to
pursue cricket professionally.
Since she made that decision, back in 2014, Hiba
Shamshad’s professional career as a gifted leftarm
bowling all-rounder has been outstanding.
She started playing for Tranzac CC back then and
has since played numerous tournaments and won many
accolades. She was selected for Team Ontario for the
Atlanta Tournament in 2015, her splendid performance
resulting in selection to the Canada XI against the MCC
(Marylebone Cricket Club).
That match proved to be a turning point for Hiba, as she
grabbed 3 wickets for a measly 12 runs in the 40 over
match. Recently in 2018, she played for Ontario in the
Canada Day Cup against Western Provinces. Hiba was
also an integral part of the Nationals team which played
against different provinces in September that year.
Arguably though, the highlight of her career to date would
have been her participation in the 2018 Trinidad & Tobago
hosted Courts Grand Slam T20. She was one of only four
Canadians invited to participate in the Tournament, which
involved other players from the Caribbean, including
many of the West Indies Women’s cricket stars, captain
Stephanie Taylor and Deandra Dottin among them.
Hiba also represented Canada in the 2019 U-19 West
Indies Tournament and as well at the ICC Americas World Cup Qualifiers against the USA later that year. Not surprisingly, along with being
an amazing player, Hiba has also emerged as a leader as well, serving
as Captain for the Streetsville Storms in the Mississauga Women’s
League’s Inaugural Season at the end of which they emerged as
champions. She was also the Tranzac Cricket Club’s Vice-Captain
during the Scarborough Women’s League’s 2018-19 Season. Seeking
to share her passion, skills and experience with younger Women’s
cricketers and to encourage the further development of the sport,
Hiba has also served as the Assistant Coach of the EOSCL Milton
Girls U-12 Team.
An ardent follower of New Zealand’s Suzie Bates, Hiba Shamshad
is so passionate about her cricket that she invariably sleeps with
a cricket ball next to her pillow. Now one of the senior members
of Canada’s National Women’s team, Hiba’s fervent ambition
is for herself and her team-mates to become sufficiently
skilled and experienced as to be able to compete at a level
that would allow their qualification for any forthcoming ICC
Tournaments. In this regard she feels confident that they do
already possess the required talent, all that’s missing is their
necessary exposure to constant training camps and participation in
regular competitive matches against stronger teams.
As a means of not only maintaining interest among the current crop of
Canadian Women’s cricketers but also towards stimulating the active
involvement of countless others, Hiba suggests the selection by Cricket
Canada of a full National squad of 20 players. Once identified the Squad
should then be provided with systematic exposure to ongoing camps
and competitive matches throughout the year at a level that would
allow its members to not only stay in form but also constantly work
towards their further improvement. This will also provide younger
upcoming players with the motivation of having something concrete,
as in future National Squad selection, to aspire towards.
As attractive and eloquent as she is, Hiba Shamshad is quickly becoming
a flagbearer for Canadian Women’s cricket. Thriving hard every day for
its betterment and definitively capable of taking it to the next, much higher
level. In that regard, her on-going career will indeed be One To Watch!

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