Interesting Times Ahead For Canadian Cricket Administrators!

By Tony McWatt – Publisher

The weeks ahead, from now until the end of
April and into early May, should prove to be
very interesting ones for Canadian cricket
administrators. Among the items that will be garnering
attention during that period will be the outcomes from Cricket Canada’s most recent
Strategic Planning Meeting, Cricket Ontario’s scheduled April 9 Annual General
Meeting, as well as the historic May 2 Induction of Brampton & Etobicoke League
President Praim Persaud’s to the City Of Brampton’s Sports Hall of Fame.

Cricket Canada’s Board of Directors were engaged in a Strategic Planning process
during the March 26-27 weekend in meetings held at the Embassy Suites By Hilton
Toronto Airport hotel. It will now be very interesting to see the productive outcomes
of their time spent. More specifically, it will be interesting to see how the plans they
have developed relate to the sterling strategic planning related work that the former
Cricket Vice President Dave Liverman had completed before his sad demise at the
hands of cancer.

As many of our readers would remember, prior to his demise
David Liverman had undertaken the completion of a 2019-
2025 5 years Strategic Plan among his various Vice Presidential
portfolios. COVID and the subsequent deterioration of his
health had, however, combined to effectively derail his activities.

Hopefully, his completed work would have been at the very least
considered, if not wholly incorporated, into the plans that were
actually developed during the recent meeting.

In terms of meetings, Cricket Ontario’s Executives as well as
the Representatives of its member Leagues will be gathering
on April 9 for the organization’s 2022 Annual General Meeting
(AGM). Key positions will be up for election during the AGM,
the most important of which will be that for the position of
President. Shah Zafar is the incumbent but all indications are
that he will be very strongly challenged for the position by the
Brampton & Etobicoke current President Praim Persaud, who is
himself also a former multi-year holder of the position as head
of Cricket Ontario’s Executive Board.

Just a few weeks after the various outcomes
of Cricket Ontario’s AGM elections have been
decided, Persaud himself will be a May 2, 2022
recipient of the very honourable induction to the
City of Brampton’s Sports Hall of Fame. Persaud’s
historic induction, the first-ever by a Canadian
cricket Administrator will be made in honour
of his outstanding contributions to the City of
Brampton’s ever-increasing acquisition of adequate
playing facilities for its burgeoning numbers of active
cricketers. Under Persaud’s guidance as its President,
the Brampton & Etobicoke District Cricket League
has become one of Canada’s fastest-growing, with
claims of even being now the largest in all of North
Much to look forward to in the weeks ahead that
should, therefore, be very interesting.

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