Ravi Singh: UpClose Take20!

1. City of Birth?
Kaburthala, Punjab
2. Favorite Childhood Cricket Memory?
As A 12 Year Old Showing Up At 3;30 Am For A 7:00 Am
Scheduled Cricket Training!
3. Childhood Ambition?
Become A Professional Cricketer
4. Favorite School Subjects?
Math, Social Studies
5. Favorite Book?
A Century Is Not Enough!
6. Favorite Movie?
7. Top 5 Favorite TV Shows?
Big Boss, Kapil Sharma Comedies, Breaking Bad, Lucifer!
8. Favorite Dish (Food)?
Grilled Chicken
9. Favorite Vacation Spot?
Dubai, California
10. Greatest Young Adult Influence?
My Mom & Dad
11. Most Admired International Cricketer – Bowler?
Glen McGrath, James Anderson
12. Most Admired International Cricketer –
Yuvraj Singh
13. Most Embarrassing Cricket Moment?
Got our first ball at a Ranji Trophy Training Camp. Was
given a second chance to bat but got out first ball again!
14. Most Memorable Cricket Moment?
Establishing the World record as the first player to ever
score an International Debut T20 Century!
15. Cricketing Ambition?
Help Canada Qualify For the ICC 50 Over and T20 World
Cups and regain Official ODI Status!
16. Favorite Sport Outside Of Cricket?
17. Hobbies Outside Of Cricket?
Hiking, Hosting Family Dinners
18. Favorite Toronto Restaurant?
Dixon Road Steak House!
19. Music Most Listened To?
Hip Hop, Punjabi!
20. Top 5 Bucket List Items?
• Helping Canada Qualify For ICC World Cups
• Take A World Trip With My Mom & Dad
• Own A Beachfront House
• Acquire a Business Ownership that will allow me to
alleviate poverty by providing employment
• Entertain my entire family regularly!

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