Rumi Jasavala Coaching And Mentoring Youths In Cricket And Soccer!

Born in Bombay, India Rumi Jasavala emigrated to the UK when he was just one year old. He lived and was educated in London until he reached age 30. Two significant life events then occurred to him at that age; he got married in the UK and also emigrated to Canada, Ontario, Oakville in 1994.

Having been brought up in the UK, Rumi became interested in cricket as a small child and played competitively during his entire school and University life while living in London. His active involvement as a player did not stop, however, after he’d completed his academic studies. He played for the Bank at which he worked and also for other teams in various leagues. In 1989, he’d also organized a tour of Canada, not knowing at that time that he would eventually be settling here! He was also a member of a Zoroastrian Cricket Team in the UK that also played friendly cricket. Cricket is an important game for Zoroasrians with the likes of India’s Farouk Engineer, as well as his now fellow Canadians Zubin Surkari and Khushroo Wadia among those who have made names for themselves in the sport.

Rumi’s subsequent involvement with captaining, encouraging others to take an active part in sports stemmed from his own playing days in the UK. He was actively involved in many sports there including cricket, rugby, football (soccer), tennis, fives, athletics, and others.

While working at the Bank, Rumi had become qualified as a Tennis coach for up to the intermediatory level in the UK. Playing and coaching was, therefore, virtually in his blood, and coupled with his workability to lead, manage and coach, it all seemed to flow hand in hand.
After moving to Canada, Rumi played for the Zoroastrian Cricket Club of Canada and eventually captained them for many years. Not surprisingly, he also organized and took a team on tour to the UK in 2006 where they played 11 games in 15 days.
Having taken various coaching courses through Cricket Canada & the Ontario Cricket Association, Rumi is now looking forward to taking his Level 1 Coaching Certification. He already, currently, holds an Ontario Youth Cricket license. In addition to this, He’s also looking forward to taking the Canada Level 1 Umpires exam, this coming December 2021.
Having joined the Brampton Etobicoke and District Cricket League (BEDCL) Board of Directors some 15 years ago, Rumi Jasavala now holds the position of the League’s Treasurer. He has also previously held the position of League Secretary as well.

For Rumi it’s been incredible to witness the growth of Canadian Cricket from its previous standpoint of matches being played on grounds where the grass was long and the pitches small and made from matting. As a result of the concerted efforts of its progressive-minded Board of Directors, BEDCL’s matches are now played on turf wicket equipped grounds for which the grass is cut to 2cm in height. The League now also has a few lighted fields.

Rumi is, however, of the opinion that the demand and growth of cricket, within Canada, has increased
to a point where there are simply not enough facilities, qualified coaches and suitably required
infrastructure. He is, however, also optimistic that things are changing and that the leadership now
exists within both Cricket Ontario and the BEDCL that is fully capable of taking cricket to its highest
potential levels, as Canadian Soccer has done with spectacular success.
Towards that end he genuinely hopes to continue volunteering himself towards the growth of cricket
within Canada. While doing so he also hopes to see fellow dedicated volunteers working towards
higher standards of play, better facilities and much improved organizational structures for the game
in this country.

Outside of cricket, Rumi has also been involved in Ontario soccer for well over 18 years as a Coach at
the Oakville Soccer Club. He currently holds several soccer coaching certifications, the highest being
at the National B Level 1 in training.

Rumi’s work has primarily had him involved at leadership/managerial levels which helps him in
encouraging and developing the youth in all the sports with which he is involved. He also looks forward
to helping others become coaches and mentors to youth within this country and as well in any other
parts of the world if such opportunities ever arise.

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