1) Place Of Birth?
- Kabul, Afghanistan
2) Favorite Childhood Memory?
- When My Aunt Would Come Visit From Abroad, I Used To
Get So Happy.
3) Childhood Ambition?
- Wanted To Be A Doctor
4) Favorite School Subject?
- Math, Because It Was Challenging.
5) Favorite Book?
- Kite Runner
6) Favorite Movie?
- Troy
7) Top 5 Favorite TV Shows?
1) Two And A Half Men
2) Friends
3) Prison Break
4) Sopranos
5) El Chapo
8) Favorite Food?
- Kabuli Palow
9) Favorite Vacation Spot?
- Banff, Calgary
10) Greatest Young Adult Influence?
- Imran Khan In Terms Of A Cricket Player, Politician And
Great Human Being. He’s My Idol.
11) Most Admired International Cricketer: Bowler?
- Daniel Vettori
12) Most Admired International Cricketer: Batsman?
- Yuvraj Singh
13) Most Embarrassing Cricket Moment?
- Went To Bat Without Safeguard, Once I Realized After A Few
Overs, I Had To Call And Request They Bring It To Me.
14) Most Memorable Cricket Moment?
- When I Made 73 Runs Against CCC In West Indies Last
November I also took 3 wickets and turned the match around
into Canada’s favor!
15) Cricketing Ambition?
- I Would Love To Play All Franchise Cricket.
16) Favorite Sport Outside Of Cricket?
- Soccer And Boxing.
17) Hobbies Outside Of Cricket?
- Exploring New Places, Gym And Boxing
18) Favorite Toronto Restaurant?
- Watan Kabob
19) Music Most Listened To?
- Afghan Music, Hip Hop, Soca, Arabic And Indian
20) Top 5 Bucket List Items?
- Go To Saudi Arabia For Pilgrimage, Skydiving, Bungee
Jumping, Travel Around The World, Build My Own Business.