Up Close Take 20 With Achini Perera!

1. City of birth?
2. Favorite childhood cricket memory?
Opening the bat with my brother in multiple occasions. It makes me so proud to see two Pereras in the scorebook.
3. Childhood ambition?
Playing first class cricket in England.
4. Favorite school subjects?
Visual Arts and English
5. Favorite Book?
Boost by Kathryn Mackel
6. Favorite Movie?
7. Top 5 Favorite TV Shows?
Greys Anatomy, Greys Anatomy, Greys Anatomy, Greys Anatomy and Greys Anatomy lol
8. Favorite Dish?
My Mother’s spaghetti. I dont know exactly how she does it, but after a workout or game, it is heaven on earth.
9. Favorite Vacation Spot?
Atlanta Georgia, my aunt lives there and its always a good time when my family and I road trip to visit. Never mind the 19hr drive!
10. Greatest Young Adult Influence?
My oldest brother Meigha Perera
11. Most Admired International Bowler?
Stuart Broad
12. Most Admired International Batsman?
Mahela Jayawardena
13. Most embarrassing cricket moment?
I’ve forgot my batting gloves a couple of times before going to open the bat. Everyone obviously looks at the first two batsmen but when one is missing gloves, it’s pretty funny.
14. Most memorable cricket moment?
Touring Lord’s Cricket Ground in England and happened to be the same day of the Women’s World Cup photoshoot. The captains of each country participating in the World Cup were there. We got to see the actual World Cup and take pictures with them. I met one of my childhood idols, Ellyse Perry.
15. Cricketing Ambition?
Advancing cricket and making it available worldwide. I am planning to do so via internet with FREE videos and advancing to online classes.
16. Favorite sport outside of cricket?
Skateboarding! Going from flat footed to four wheels is a little
difficult, but I love the atmosphere and feeling while skating.
17. Hobbies outside of cricket?
I paint pretty well and I also find street fashion so classy.
Seeing and doing both makes me happy and more confident.
18. Favorite Toronto Restaurant?
Mandarin, you can’t go wrong with a Chinese buffet.
19. Music Most Listened To?
Alternative music such as Tame Impala and trap music. But I
also love older R&B.
20. Top 5 Bucket list items?
Tattoos, Bali Indonesia, Try Crossfit, A car show, Go see the
Northern lights

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