1. City of Birth - Colombo, Sri Lanka.
2. Favorite Childhood memory - Playing garage cricket with my brothers.
3. Childhood Ambition - Become a professional cricket player.
4. Favorite School Subjects - Fine arts
5. Favorite Book - The Hunger Games
6. Favorite Movie - Avengers: Infinity War
7. Top 5 Favorite TV Shows - Gotham, Agents of Shield, Bodyguard, Breaking Bad, The Office.
8. Favorite Food - Indian Food.
9. Favorite Vacation Spot - Barbados
10. Greatest Young Adult Influence - My Coach Anusha Samaranayake
1 1 . M o s t  A d m i r e d International Cricketer Bowler – Rashid Khan
1 2 . M o s t A d m i r e d International Cricketer BatsmanVirat Kohli
13. Most Embarrassing Cricket Moment - Losing to Nepal during the Division 2 Tournament in Namibia 2018, and losing the chance to get ODI status.
14. Most Memorable Cricket Moment - Top scoring in Division 3 Tournament in Uganda and receiving Man of the Match in the Final after scoring 86 against Oman.
15. Cricketing Ambition - Play Test Match Cricket.
16. Favorite Sport outside of Cricket - Soccer.
17. Hobbies Outside of Cricket - Drawing and Painting.
1 8 . F a v o r i t e Toronto Restaurant - Gal's Sushi.
19. Music Most Listened To - Rap and R&B music.
20. Top 5 Bucket List Items - Play in the Cricket World Cup. Go Scuba diving. Go Skydiving. Go to Barcelona, Spain and watch El Classico. Watch FIFA World Cup Final live.